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Is there a way to see the total number of notes inside a vault in Obs.?
I can not just look into the properties of the folder, where my vault is located, because there are hundreds of other documents inside and the “documents in this folder”-number is very high.
I need this, because I give a number to every Zettelkastennote. I don’t like the Zettelkastenprefixer because it nearly kills the readability of follow-notes like 0022a; 0022a1 and so on. It just doesn’t match my workflow and looks ugly in the graph view.

So every time I open a new note, I have to look into my folders to see my highest last used number. Since every note has a number, I could easily see how many notes I have and +1 for the next note. I’m pretty sure I just miss the easy way here, so I’m asking for help before spamming the “feature request”-tab even more.

Have a nice day! :slight_smile:

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Not that I know of and I could neither find such a feature.

Is it perhaps an idea to change the ordering of files in the File Explorer window in Obsidian? That might save you the hassle of looking into the folder.

There’s a popular feature request to have Obsidian show the title (rather than filename) here. So this might be possible in the future. :crossed_fingers:

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if you are using Windows, you can search for all the *.md files and see the total count. You can use 3rd party file managers like XYplorer to make this easier.

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Hi. I know this is an old threat, but I realized in other thread that there is already a plugin that counts how many notes and even how many words you have in your vault.

You can find the plugin as “Vault statistics” under Settings/Community plugins, also you can manually download it from Github: GitHub - bkyle/obsidian-vault-statistics-plugin: Status bar item with vault statistics such as number of notes, files, attachments, and links.

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