Display sections of text that have the same tag in the section header

What I’m trying to do

Read sections of text that have the same tag in the header in one note, so I can quickly review excerpts from my daily notes on a topic

Sample Input (2 unique daily notes, with three unique sections)

Monday daily note

Meeting with Biden #customer


#1on1 with Karine #team


Tuesday daily note

Meeting with Harris #customer


Output desired

Customer Note [combine all #customer sections]

Meeting with Biden #customer [Monday’s date]


Meeting with Harris #customer [Tuesday’s date]


Things I have tried

section: #customer  
table Feedback
from #customer 

Thank you!

I really don’t want to tag each line in a conversation, I would love to have a clean grouping of all related notes across a variety of topics.

Instead of tags, use “filetags”, i.e., a link to the “Customer” note ([[Customer]]) in order to tag your headings in the daily notes.

If you now move to the “Customer” note, all these tagged lines will appear in the “Backlinks” pine, or, optionally, below the note (turn that on with the command “Backlinks: Toggle backlinks in document”.

Only your tagged header are shown, but clicking the “⋁” icon will also reveal the contents under that tagged header. Alternatively, hovering over the backlink with the Ctrl key pressed will reveal the target note.

For this to work as you intended, you have to enter the information the way you did in your post: with a header. This denotes the start of a “Block”, and only information up to the next heading will be displayed.

Thanks, not perfect but a strong start! I prefer speed over perfection :slight_smile:

  1. How can I keep the results expanded? I’ve seen a few conversations about display using CSS but those folks want to keep everything collapsed. I’d like to go to the Customer page and see all backlinks and their related content under the header

  2. speaking of backlinks and header i’m only getting the first paragraph returned from the section, not all normal text collapsible under the header.

thanks again for your help.

I do not know. If possible, indeed it may need to be done through CSS.

Indeed, when expanding, the next paragraph is shown. It is considered a new block. You can, however, continue to click on the down arrow to reveal subsequent paragraphs.

The full information can be seen when hovering a backlink with Ctrl pressed down. Of course, one can switch to the target note by clicking on the backlink. Alt+Left will bring you back.

You can Ctrl+Click to open the backlink in a nwe tab. Alternatively, you can “Pin” the tab. Then, just click on a backlink will open it in a new tab.

These are build-in tools for quickly viewing connected information. a.f.a.i.k., there is no build-in way to automatically aggregate notes into a new document.