Display note title/label above nodes on graph to prevent pointer from covering the title


In Graph view, once you zoom out a bit, the note titles appear under the mouse cursor and become, most of the time, illegible.

I think this could be solved by simply displaying the title above the node. Or am I missing something?



I renamed the thread to be more feature request-oriented—hope that’s okay!

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Steps to reproduce

  • open the graph view
  • zoom out (as far, as there are no longer labels displayed)
  • hover with you cursor over a note, to see a label

Expected result

  • the label should be displayed in a readable way

Actual result

  • the cursor blocks the label, which makes it unable to read.


  • Operating system: MacOS Catalina
  • Obsidian version: 8.1 (Insider)

Additional information


+1 it’s indeed a bit annoying ^^
Perhaps display the label always just on the right side of the cursor?

When you’re zoomed out, and you hover over a node to expose the title, the pointer covers part of the title.


Steps to reproduce

  1. Graph view
  2. zoom out until titles disappear
  3. hover on a node

Actual result

Notice that the pointer is covering part of the title.

Expected result

Maybe have the title pop up above instead of below, so as to avoid the pointer.

Additional Info

With normal language the title can usually be inferred.

But for titles like Today’s Notes that use a date as title, we have to take extra steps to read it. Zooming in works, or clicking the node to open the note works. But both actions lose the graph view we had chosen before.

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I just started using obsidian, and this is the first thing that really feels off to me. Perhaps it is more so an issue for me, because I have set my mouse cursor to be larger than default.

This feels like it could be an easy fix/feature. Would really appreciate it.