Display mermaid gantt charts as a calendar view?

new to obsidiant but already using it actively for work and personal projects management.
I am using the Habit tracker to display the schedule of my projects, because this is the only plugin that allows to write in a very compact form and get a perfectly solid calendar view without bulk.
I wanted to use mermaid to make gantt charts instead but impossible to display the start and end dates of each task, making the whole thing absolutely useless for practical work…
I would like to have something as simple as the habit tracker but with the possibility to display tasks covering several days (and not only punctual due dates).
Or to be clearer : I would like the mermaid feature of writing just the duration of the tasks and having gantt charts, but displayed on a calendar view!

2 solutions :

  1. branching the habit tracker myself to support cascading tasks defined by duration (may be possible, or get the developer to add the feature)
  2. having mermaid display the tasks on a calendar view

Is one or the other already existing somewhere as a plugin or something?

Not exactly what you’re asking for but check out the Itinerary plugin in Community plugins. It’s not Gantt, but otherwise seems to do what you ask (and seems pretty dang flexible/powerful!).

Thank you! (I already knew and tested the plugin, it looked promising but it is a pain to write a series of items compared to mermaid which is as compact as it gets. And Itenerary does not automatically reschedule all items when the duration of previous items change)

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