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I had this working properly, and then we had to reinstall Windows on my machine. (Obsidian was by far the easiest of my programs to reinstall, so kudos for that!) I thought I had the settings set like before, and the only community plugin I’m using is Tag Wrangler (which I was already using before). No outside themes. But my display is not showing the markdown.

I have toggled with Ctrl-E, and it sort of toggles something, but it’s not at any point showing the straight-up markdown. (Which is making it hard for me to remember how to mark down newer notes.) For example, I have some notes that act as indexes to my blog posts for a given year. They have bulleted lists of blog titles, linked to the blog posts on the web. I can get it to sort of shift the size of the bullets, but I can’t get it to show me the dash, space, bracketed title, url in parentheses. (Unless I click on the link, at which point it switches to the markdown display temporarily until I click somewhere inside the editing pane again.)

I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, overlooked a setting, or what. Or if I ended up with some kind of weird bug.

Sounds as if you want to turn source mode on

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Do you see a pencil symbol or a book symbol on the right side of your status bar at the bottom? Click that and click “Source Mode”. Otherwise, open your Command Palette and use the command that says something like “Toggle Source Mode”.
Ctrl-E on Windows switches to and from Reading View, which is the totally rendered markdown and you cannot edit the text in that view.
Live Preview is the intermediate where it only shows the markdown for a particular line. If you prefer Source Mode to live preview, you can change your “Settings” → “Editor” → “Default Editing Mode” to be Source Mode.

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Thank you!

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