Display Embedded Weekly Note in Dashboard note

What I’m trying to do

Hi, I am trying to display a heading of the weekly note call Weekly Plan in a Dashboard. Since each weekly note is having different week numbers, I have use this method ="![[" + dateformat(date(today), "yyyy") + "-W" + dateformat(date(today), "WW MMM") + "#Weekly Plan]]" + " - Week " + dateformat(date(today), "WW") to display. However, it display as a text like without link like “2023-W40 Oct > Weekly Plan - Week 40”. I noticed “!” is not able to help to display the heading. If I remove “!”, it will display with link however not able to display content since there is no “!”. Anybody can advise where did I do wrong?

Things I have tried

I did a search on this forum and can’t find any solution. I also posted in discord and no response so far.

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