Display cursor column number in status line

I’d love to be able to see the column number that the cursor is occupying either in the top of the editing window or the status line.

I have this turned on in Vim and it’s incredibly useful for aligning content like table cells.

The ability to display line numbers is already an option in the Editor settings, any chance we can display the active/current column number somewhere as well?


When it comes to aligning content such as table cells, automatic content organizing is a more efficient feature. For this purpose, I use the Typora editor (Paragraph / Table / Prettify Source Code).

Using new lines to wrap text is very useful when you’re using git to version your notes. It would be great to be able to see what column the cursor was on. Another useful related feature would be to be able to highlight a certain column of text. For example, if you want to keep all your note lines less than 80 characters wide it’s very useful to highlight the 81st character on a row.