Display blurs or distorts on pointer movement

What I’m trying to do

I have an Aspire a717 72g 76v1 laptop, which is usually my go-to machine. No matter what theme I try for Obsidian, when I move the mouse, The background blurs and distorts, leaving visual artifacts that distort the display.

I have seen this in only one other place: On Fcebook, in the Brave browser, when moving the pointer across an image.

This does not happen on any of my other computers.

Things I have tried

I have tried ACER support and forums. No luck. I’ve searched the Web. No luck. I’ve tried to find a comprehensive source for Monitor/Display problem solving. No luck.

I’ve been doing computers and hardware for over 59 years, and I could fix this if someone could point me in the right direction; even if they could point me to a discussion group that I could ask the question. I’m new to Obsidian, but I may just have to scrap it if I can’t make the display work on the system I usually use.

Thank you for your help.

UPDATE: While I was waiting for a reply, I decided to overhaul my Aspire a717 72g 76v1. I disabled and replaced all the drivers. (I have an internal Intel graphics card and an NVIDIA GTX 1060 in this laptop.) The graphics are much better now, although I still get some blurred/distorted artifacts at the edges of my window sections when I move the pointer from one section to another. It is much more useable, especially if I use the Blue Topaz theme. I am convinced that this is an anomaly limited to this particular system: I do not have similar issues on any of my desktops or my Surface Pro 3. It is just unfortunate that this is my most-used, most-portable work machine. I am looking forward to learning how to use Obsidian efficiently. Suggestions are still welcome, and thank you for any help.

Update 2: Well, I think I found the problem: The GeForce GPU applies some anti-aliasing, and it apparently causes trails of scrambled pixels when the pointer moves across certain backgrounds. I experimented (for hours!) with different combinations, and I finally eliminated the effect in Facebook within my Brave browser. (Interestingly, I never had the problem in any other browser.) IT DID NOT ELEIMINATE THE EFFECT IN OBSIDIAN. I managed to diminish the effect, but it still exists as an annoyance although it does not make the app useless anymore.

I’m beginning to see what the Obsidian user community is like: Not tech addicted; lots of MAC users versus real computer users (UNIX, Linux, even Windows…).

This web site is awesome, BTW. If Obsidian had been DESIGNED instead of being assembled as Frankenware, it might have eliminated, upstream, a lot of the problems I see on this forum today. It is totally feature-rich, but the features keep getting added piecemeal instead of being designed into architected solutions.

On the other hand, if the originators had tried to design a coherent system instead of opportunistically assembling and tweaking off-the-shelf components, there might be no Obsidian at all. I can see that having a working system to improve upon might be preferable to waiting for something to materialize in the future.

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