Display all the notes from a folder as a continuous text

Context: In my scientific work I need to take many single notes, divided into different categories. Until now I used to do this in Word text editor. Each category is a headline in my document and I put the sentences under matching headlines. However I need more advanced tool to be able to tag the sentences and search for a specific tag. I tried Notion and Evernote, but I am not satisfied with them, so now I am testing Obsidian.

I figured out that the closest to what I need is the following: For every of my categories I set up a new folder. For example Category X is a folder, Category Y is a folder etc. For every sentence I create a new note in a specific folder. Then I can tag the notes and look for a specific tag if I need.

However there are two obstacles:
1. I need to be able to display all the notes from a specific folder as a single page (single note) with continuous text and to be able to edit it. I have found a similar topic here Reddit - Dive into anything. It seems that the only solution to achieve this is to use a Folder Note plugin. But there are two issues. Firstly, the plugin displays only note titles and first words every note, not the continuous text. Secondly, it does not allow to edit displayed text.
2. It also would be nice to be able to display all notes with a specific tag as a single page (single note). It it even possible?

Or maybe I should take a completely different approach to my needs and use other solutions than Categories as Folders and Sentences as Notes? Thank you in advance.

  1. create a main note
  2. search your notes using Obsidians search panel
  3. drag n drop your search results in your main note ( point 1)

This is called in Obsidians help as embedding files

you can find some css snippets to make your document look like a seamless document, eg. naked embeds or if you want, in my theme called Dune.

Do note that embedding files doesn’t allow for editing straight out of the box. The plugin Hover-edit (or something like that), can partially help with that task, but it’s still not a full editing of embedded files.

Personally I would consider not doing sentence-notes, and rather stick to each category as a separate note. Possibly using tagged list items if there is a need for tagging individual items within that category.

Given the latter scheme it would be possible to autogenerate lists of all items(/sentences) with any given tag, where the file name (displayed or not) would reveal the category. If extending this paradigm even further, you could use tasks (and not just pure list items), which would allow for direct linkage to that particular line in the category note.

Through styling in CSS, the visibility of this being tasks can range from completely hidden (except for in source mode) to changing icons and other visual parameters of the task. Any tags could of course also be hidden from your “final” document.

In any case, the main issue regarding your request is the option to edit the text from the collated note. This is currently not available, so your best option is either a plugin like hover edit or through something like tasks with their direct link to the source of that task text.

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