Display a progress bar or other progress update for sync

Use case or problem

The “sync activity” in the settings is useful for knowing that something is happening, but I can’t tell how much more is left to happen.

Am I ten seconds away from sync being up-to-date (I’ll just wait) or is it ten minutes (time to grab a coffee)?

Proposed solution

Some sort of indicator in the sync settings or sync activity of how much longer it will take to be up-to-date with the remote view.

I have no strong opinions on what this could look like, but here’s one idea: a log message every 10 files until you’re fully up-to-date:

2023-09-13 20:26 - Accepted myfile.txt
2023-09-13 20:26 - 20 files remaining to download from server
2023-09-13 20:26 - Accepted anotherfile.txt

2023-09-13 20:27 - Accepted yetanotherfile.txt
2023-09-13 20:27 - 10 files remaining to download from server

There are fancier ways you could do this, e.g. to guess how long it will take to download the remaining files based on how long it took to download what you’ve already got – potentially nice, but not required.

Current workaround

I wait until it’s done.

Related feature requests

The closest feature request I could find was Display sync status on mobile when in progress, but:

  • That’s only for mobile, and I’d like this on desktop as well
  • That’s to tell you that a sync is happening, but not how long it will take

This is probably low priority

I suspect I’m atypical in wanting this in a prominent place – most people probably sync their vaults regularly, so in any given sync they only have a few updates to pull.

I have devices that I only sync occasionally – maybe once a month or so. When they do sync, they have a lot of updates to fetch! It all works itself out in the end, but it would be nice if I knew how long I’d be waiting.