Display a list of files (search result) in a Modal or a View

Hi there ! I made a plugin that adds two commands that basically search through the vaults and returns an Array of TFiles.

  1. How can I display those files (results of my search) in a View or Modal so that they can be clicked to open the relevant file. Is there some generic Modal that allows this?

  2. Is there a better way to execute a complex search and display the results? Because in the API I find classes like SearchResults and function like renderResults. But I don’t know how those queries (basically string) works or if they support the custom logic i use for selecting search results.

  3. Also find classes like DataAdapter that returns ListedFiles that I have no idea if they serve this kind of usecase or not.

I’m a bit lost between spitting out HTML corresponding to my array of TFiles or trying to use the tools that Obsidian probably already offers to nicely display a clickable list of search results but the documentation doesn’t tell me what can be used ^^