Discrepancy in wikilink generation for notes under folder

If I would like to create link to a note under folder “articles”, I end up with two different link styles at different conditions.

  1. If note is a new note, then the wikilink stays as [[articles/new-article]]
  2. If note is an existing one( i.e. new-note.md file is under articles/ folder), then the wikilink is kept as [[new-note]]

This behavior is creating discrepancy in consistency, I think.

On a side note, converting [[articles/new-article]] into [[new-article]] might be prettier in appearance, but doesn’t it prevent portability of the vault, because when you carry a note which carries a wikilink [[new-article]] might be referring to new-article.md in existing folder, under another folder.
Isn’t it safer to keep the folder name in wikilinks?

Steps to reproduce

  • when creating a new note under articles folder (i.e. type [[ then type “articles/new-article” and then close ]]) the link stays as [[articles/new-article]]
  • when inserting a link to an existing note (i.e. type [[ then start typing “articles” and select “articles/new-articles” from list) the link is converted to [[new-article]]

Expected result

only type of links, either without folder name or with folder name

Actual result

two types of links are created at two different cases


  • Operating system: Linux
  • Obsidian version: v0.7.3

It’s possible that you haven’t understood how we handle links.
We aim at using the shortest possible link [[new-article]] whenever possible.
You got [[articles/new-article]] because you typed yourself, but if you use [[new-article]] it’s going to work just fine

Thanks for reply. Let me focus on discrepancy aspect further. Let’s say we’re in note 202006200341.md and we wanted to make a link to non-existing note, “articles/new-article.md”.
Later, in another note 202006200345.md, we wanted to make a link to new-article file.

Now, both 202006200341 and 202006200345 refer to new-article.md file but former has the link as [[articles/new-article]] and latter has [[new-article]]. They are pointing to same file with different link names. That’s what I meant about discrepancy. After a while, the user will think they are pointing to different notes.

Even in the first file you can link simply use [[new-article]].
One of the reasons you may want to add a directory is to force obsidian to create new-article in a specific folder.
(Unless there is some other file conflict I am missing)

OK. So, in case of manually created links, folder name can be deleted afterwards to have consistency.

BTW, for such a link [[new-article]], do Obsidian keep the link as [new-article](articles/new-article.md) internally?