Discrepancy in Vault Size Reporting in Sync Panel - Need Help

Hello Obsidian Community,

I hope everyone is doing well. I’ve come across an issue that I’m hoping someone might have insights into. I noticed a discrepancy between the vault size reported in the Obsidian sync panel and the actual size of my local vault. The sync panel shows a size of 6.32GB while my local vault is only 93MB.

Could this discrepancy be associated with version history storage, or is there another possible explanation? I’m concerned about potentially reaching the sync limit due to this incorrect size representation.

I would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions from the community on how to resolve this issue or any steps I could take to further diagnose it.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

Best regards,



Sync does store version history, so you can expect the remote vault to show a larger size than the local one. That is quite a big difference, tho, and Sync doesn’t save deleted attachments (non-Markdown files) for very long (I forget how long but pretty sure not more than a month), so that’s surprising.

Just signed up to Sync last week and I’m also experiencing similar results. I’ve got two vaults with integrated sizes less than 250mb, but sync is reporting that it’s got over 1.13GB of storage used up in total.


Just bumping this topic. Vault size has been filling up while the actual vault size is much smaller. I’m wondering if this isn’t just version history.

I did just get sync less than two weeks ago, so I’m wondering Sync will automatically prune most of this as time goes on

If you get closer to the limit, you will be offered a button to manually prune the version history.

Thanks, may I know what that storage indication threshold would look like?

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