Discovery of Obsidian a few days ago, pfiouu! Love it

Hello, this is my first post, and I want to thanks the Obsidian dev for this incredible app, and all the community around who wrote amazing plugins, make video, and so much more; Thanks!
I’m a user of Notion, and think about migrate all the data to Obsidian.

Love this app, make a mug of this :wink: [_]*



Welcome on board tbi!
As a long-time-daily user I can say, that it is still amazing me on a regular basis: ever-growing number of features and improvements of functionality from the start. Ignored the canvas feature until today - now I tried it and I didnt expect the usefulness. Amazed again! So, even if the devs would slow down to half or quarter speed - you will still be in for a fantastic ride, tbi!
Dear devs: You are doing a really really amazing job!


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