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Hi again @s-kyy - good news, i found what is the issue. Thanks for staying with the problem

Let me know if you want me to send you CSS snippet that will take care of it, or if you can wait for next Discordian release that will patch it up.

Thanks for the fast turnaround @radekkozak !

I’d prefer a css snippet, but if you have the comment that is easy to search in your you css file that works too.

You got it. Ok, try removing this line (3037) in Discordian.css - height: 100% - this should take care of everything :wink: You can see where exactly in link below:


Worked perfectly thank you!


I understand. It is intractable to debug before locating the problem.

PS: I have an extravagant idea that I wonder do you have a plan to incorporate a light theme. Cheers :slight_smile:

Discordian Theme - new 0.8.1 version


Featuring: Images enhancements

For full usage options please see this README section

NOTICE: Floating images and Image Grids are two disjoint functionalities (in other words you can’t have grid images with captions)

Floating images - now with captions !!

Have your images the way you want: full in center (default) or floating left or right with your text wrapped around them. No messing around with HTML markups, no polluting your markdown. Fully using current Obsidian image embeds syntax along with image resizing.

Image grids ! (compatible with @kepano solution)

Image zooms


  • Text selection for highlighted text in lists /cc @leoxy (this one was tricky but should work now)
  • Folding toggle with multiline list items /cc @s-kyy (snippet should be obsolete now)
  • Wiki Links in Tables are now compatible with Advanced Tables Plugin
  • Few workspace fixes for upcoming Obsidian 0.11.4
  • Quotes spanning over floating images
  • Few Lists fixup
  • Editor mode width when in Writer Mode is now fixed

Oh my gosh the floating images look amazing. Also, the header-collapse-arrow fix is great!

I had one other small thing arise - the side scroll bar on code blocks. I see these in the base Obsidian theme, but they don’t appear for me in Discordian. Would this be easy to incorporate?


Hi @captaincaed sorry for delay, was a little sick last few days. Thank you, i’m glad you like the feature !

As to the thing you rise, this is by design - my idea with Discordian was to stay as clean visually as possible. In real-life scenarios i don’t see people using it really - they just scroll but never actually use the bar per se (with mouse or sth) - so the bar visually stays and clutters (especially when you have multiple codeblocks in a note like many people do) but is more of a indicator because users can scroll horizontally with Shift which is OS default i think.

I have explained it in few places but i’m gonna paste it here:

there is no horizontal bar in note “by design” because it only clutters the view but you should easily scroll everything that requires horizontal scrollbar by scrolling with Shift pressed.

If you’re for example on Windows or Linux and you can’t scroll like that let me now. I’m still debating on this anyway so i can maybe provide you with snippet if you really need those bars and can’t scroll as i described

All best

Discordian Theme - new 0.8.2 version

Discordian Theme - new 0.8.3 version

fixes: Blockquotes wrap around floating images
adds: Semantic versioning in theme description

Gotcha, thank you! Yes I’ve seen this as a standard on other sites now that I’ve noticed it. Sort of like seeing your car everywhere in the city once you buy one. I like the clean look.

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Discordian Theme - new 0.8.4 version

Quick retrofixes for Emojis and Advanced Tables Plugin

  • Emojis should line up correctly (as they were in previous versions)
  • Brings back original action button sizes for Advanced Tables Plugin
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Discordian Theme - new 0.8.5 version


  • Scroll bar overlap with long tables and similar
  • CSS rule breaking code editor editability in some weird circumstances

All fixes by @louy - thanks for contribution !!


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Heya @radekkozak , I submitted two issues with the lists and gutter overlapping the writing area because there were a few bugs when Obsidian updated to v0.11.13.


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I’m also having some gutter overlap with the text area. Seems to be visually present when folds are enabled, but still prevents me from clicking at the beginning of a line.

Still LOVE this theme, my first pick.

Unfortunately I have the same problem (v0.12.1), which is a shame because Discordian is by far the best looking theme for me.

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Discordian Theme - new 0.8.6 version



For all of you folks waiting for new version of Discordian - THANK YOU for your patience. I’ve described my predicament on Github Issues but for all of you not following the Discordian repository i feel like i owe you my quick explanation. It’s simple although not merry: i got Covid here in Poland. Big scare, but i managed to slip out from the its nasty grip somehow (mainly because of excellent medical care). Since last week i’m home again but still recovering, both physically and mentally and so i’m trying slowly to get my head around things.

Anyway, i did try to look into things these past few days to help you with your issues. I see i have missed quite few Obsidian updates so it is probably many changes there in official editor code that moved things around and i will need to see what’s what to get Discordian up to speed with newest Obsidian version, but

For now i have fixed most obvious issues you all reported - see below

Also, please have a careful look at how image grids are working now - it had to be changed because as of version 0.11.3 Obsidian changed the way images are grouped which made the flexbox approach provided by Discordian’s image grids no longer possible - PLEASE READ my whole explanation and showcase on Github to avoid any surprises there.


  • Image grids and image captions - now working again with Obsidian 0.11.3 (restrictions apply due to internal Obsidian changes) Fixes #44
  • Fold gutter overlapping and covering the writing area in editor mode. Fixes #43 / cc @captaincaed @s-kyy @mara
  • Nested checklists and lists are aligned properly again. Fixes #42
  • Margin shifts between modes

That’s it for now. Again, big thank you for the contribution and all your patience. I really appreciate it. I am also glad that for some of you the previous version worked as temporary solution

@s-kyy @mara @captaincaed - these are really kind words: i am really happy you like the theme and i hope this update fixes the problem you were having. Enjoy

If you happen to stumble upon some other discrepancies with newest Obsidian do not hesitate to let me know.


Thanks for the work @radekkozak, it was worth the wait :+1:

I’d also be interested if you’d extend the theme for the Obsidian Tabs and Pane Relief plugins. What do you think?

Thank you!
All the best for your recovery!

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Glad you enjoy @s-kyy

As to the plugin question - to be honest i try to support only most used plugins by the community - mostly because there is no way for me support them all and moreover to keep up with them :smiley: Plus there is such proliferation of plugins now it seems to be the only sane choice if you know what i mean.

For example - i missed few weeks of updates and there are tons of plugins that appeared in that short amount of time - the one you mention - i didn’t even know that one hehe.

But main question for me is how much it will be embraced by the community. Another possibility is that i will myself somehow find it helpful and just support it.

I will try of course look into it, see what’s what because speaking right now i’ve no idea.

Anyway, if there is something particular that is not working for you with that plugin maybe just shoot me - if there is something ease solvable i can just do that

Main objective for me now is to catch up with main Obsidian updates and see how mobile version of Obsidian is, because i missed that too. Probably i will need to rework Discordian theme for the mobile version which would be next bigger milestone i think.