Discord "unable to accept invite"?

I have an Obsidian “Catalyst” license, and a paid “Nitro” Discord account, but I can’t seem to join the “OMG” Obisidan Members Group Discord server.

Starting from the Obsidian community page: Community - Obsidian

  1. click the “Join” link – Obsidian Members Group (OMG)
  2. get redirected to discord page – Obsidian Members Group (OMG)
  3. click the “Accept Invite” button → in same page, see “Unable to accept invite” message.

I tried clicking the “connect” link in the Community - Obsidian page,
and got a different error message:

“Invite invalid – The invite may be expired, or you might not have permission to join.”

Has anyone else had success – or this same failure – joining the main Obsidian Discord server?

Thanks in advance…


Opening the invite from within the desktop (macOS) Discord app worked.

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