Discord invite invalid

What I’m trying to do

I clicked on the link to join the Discord server but received a message in Discord “Invite invalid”. How do I join?

Things I have tried

tried to find something in Help about this but couldn’t find anything

This is the link on Obsidian’s website?

yes, and the message pops up on Discord’s site

I don’t think you need to be signed-in to Discord when clicking on an invite (it will ask you to sign in), but I’d try signing into Discord in your browser and then pasting this into the URL / address field. :crossed_fingers:


That worked! Thanks!

For anyone still experiencing this issue, I was able to join the server through the Discord app:

  1. On the server tab side bar, scroll to the bottom and select the “+” button.
  2. After the “Create Your Server” prompt appears, select “Join a Server” underneath the text “Have an invite already?”
  3. The next prompt, “Join a server”, will request an invite link. Provide it “Obsidian Members Group (OMG)” and press the button “Join Server”.
  4. Afterwards, you’ll be redirected to join the OMG discord site :+1:t5:
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I’m having issues joining the server as well. Every time I click on the link from Obsidian’s webpage to join the discord server, I get the error message “The invite link is invalid or expired.”

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