Discord DreamJournal backup

I’m a new user, I have been dreamjournaling on discord for about two years now, I realized that I probably should have a better method for recording them, I also want to back up my older dreamjournals on discord. I’d like some help, I cant find anything that seemed useful, i doubt importing it from the discord is an option, is there a command i can do to automatically create different notes for every date? I dream a lot and so most days i have a journal entry and to type hundreds of distinct notes and then copy pasting them seems to be overly labor intensive/ If there arent any options to mitigate this task let me know, so I can get started backing it up manually.

I think you’re stuck copy-pasting. But on desktop/web you may be able to select several entries at once to copy, then use find-replace to turn the dates into headings, and then use the Note Refactor plugin to split the files by heading. (I don’t know the exact format of what you get when you copy-paste that way but hopefully this helps.)

I have been wanting to do this for a bit, but haven’t yet.


It looks like you’ll get mostly JSON files and it may take up to 30 days. You could try that and see if you can extract and convert the relevant JSON bits to notes.

A quick web search turned up a browser extension as well as some tools to export channel posts/DMs. The few tools that I saw… let’s just say I wouldn’t download them or give them access to my Discord account, but they may be fine.

Copy-paste, it is?

Thanks for letting me know. ill get started on copy pasting, itll be quicker than waiting for requesting data if a i do a month a day.