Disconnect iCloud vault from iPad

disconnect icloud vault

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I need to remove an icloud vault from an iPad
Open the sync core function on my iPad and search for the iCloud vault. It is not visible. I connected to the vault on my Mac, but a “conflicting file sync service is detected.” So, no vault appears. I could get rid of my iCloud account, but then I would lose all my iCloud files.

I could rescue my iCloud files that I want and disconnect from iCloud. This is a messy process because each file must be downloaded separately.


“Remove vault” instructions apply to the Mac computer and not to the iPad. I need to remove the iCloud vault from the iPad. Nothing is visible to access the offending iCloud vault.

You mentioned you “connected to the vault on my Mac”, so you have a macOS device as well? That makes things easier.

If I’m understanding correctly: you want to remove a vault that’s on the iPad in iCloud Drive, is that right?

If that is the case, on the macOS device, you can move the vault folder out of iCloud Drive. I would put it in Users/USER/{VAULTNAME}. iCloud will pick up the sync and remove the folder from the iPad after a bit of time.

You’ll then need to set up Obsidian Sync (or another service) for that vault in the new location.

I looked at my icloud drive and I see no place to paste Eg

I removed the Obsidian vault with the same name as the vault that I am using on my icloud site. Somehow, I think it is not removing the connection to Icloud since I could not follow the directions that were given to me. I lack the technical skill to know where to imput the code that was given to me. I think I should contact Apple help and get them to do what you asked me to do. How do I tell them what to do. They will say something like we cannot do anything about a 3rd party application (Obsidian). I need to know how to technically describe what I need them to do.

BTW, I had a hard time finding this message. It was not among the comments under my logo.

There is no code to input. I was suggesting moving your Obsidian vault in iCloud Drive to this location Users/USER/{VAULTNAME} on your mac. This will remove it from iCloud Drive on the iPad as well.

If there is an Obsidian vault in iCloud Drive, it will also be on your iPad in iCloud Drive. It will look like this in the Finder on your mac:

Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 16.47.58

You could move it to here on the mac. Moving it to here, for example, will remove it from the iPad after a bit of time.

The best way to move a vault is using Obsidian’s vault switcher. Right click on the three dots next to the vault name and Move vault…

This way Obsidian will remember the location of the vault. If you move it outside of Obsidian using the Finder, you will need to point Obsidian at the new location using Open folder as vault in that same window:

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