Disappearing linked pane

Steps to reproduce

I have one note that is a list of links that I copy and paste items from to two different other notes.

To start, I open the note that I plan to copy links from. Next, I split that note vertically. After that, I split both the left and right pane horizontally. Then, I open up the two notes that will be receiving the copied links, one on the top left and the other on the top right.

Next, I go to the drop down menu for one of the bottom panes and choose “Link with pane…”, and click on the other bottom pane, which as I explained above is another copy of the same note.

Expected result

I expect to be able to scroll on one of the bottom panes and have the other bottom pane scroll in sync.

Actual result

When I scroll one of the bottom panes, the other linked bottom pane goes completely blank.


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version:0.9.1

Additional information

Although I can’t imagine it having an effect on the linked pane behavior, I should mention that when doing this setup, my workflow is to put cursor at beginning of line with a link and run an AHK macro script that simply copies the link on the line, then focuses on pane above, moves cursor to top of that pane, pastes link, and returns back to bottom pane where it adds a period then returns, and indents the copied link, and finally folds all lines.

The idea is just to choose which bottom pane to run script on based on which of the two upper notes I want to paste a copy of a link into and finally to return to bottom and fold that link under a period just so I don’t have to be distracted by that item any longer.

I know that problems with scripts are not bugs, but I figured I should include this information to give a better understanding of what I am doing when the linked pane goes blank, despite the fact that this same disappearing pane behavior occurs regardless of running the script.

Thanks for your help. I am loving the new improvements to Obsidian. It is so cool to be part of the process.

Please post a screenrecording\gif where you manually (no ahk) reproduce this.

< https://www.screentogif.com/ >

Thanks. I am sorry that I blurred the screen, but think it is clear enough to see what I am doing. Right before the pane starts disappearing, I use my shortcut to fold everything. Also, no AHK scripts are even running in the background.

If it is important to see screen without blur, I am happy to create a test vault and try to reproduce it, but figured I would post this first in case it does the trick.

I kept the screen recording short to stay under 4 MB. But I should add that the blank pane occasionally reappears as I scroll up and down and fold and unfold all. I also realized that in my recording I have the same file open in all four panes. Usually, I have different files open in top two panes, as described in beginning, but the behavior is the same.

And obviously this is not a huge issue at all. I feel bad even reporting it.

I appreciate Obsidian very much. Thanks for this amazing tool.

paneDisappear.zip (3.5 MB)

Is this still present?

Issue no longer exists. Thanks for everything.