Disappearing Files

Good day everyone!

Currently having a problem with, as far as I can tell, Markdown files disappearing, seemingly at random.

I primarily use Obsidian for my graduate program of studies, the most important of which is aggregating data on a topic into a single note, from many sources.

Exams are coming up, end of semester crunch, and as I look for some older notes I’m realizing many of them are just straight up missing from my database.

Oddly enough, when I search through my database I can find all of the attachments for those missing markdown files, but not the files themselves.

This is obviously incredibly frustrating. Data loss is a no go for me, and this has happened multiple times over the past few months.

The only oddity to my setup, is that I have my database indexed in DevonThink, for searching purposes only; DevonThink is not able to make any changes to the database itself.

Truly love working in Obsidian, I’m a paid supporter, but again, random data loss is an absolute deal breaker for me.

Looking for any suggestions on what the culprit could be. I use a pretty stock Obsidian setup, MacOS, no experimental plugins, with my database stored in iCloud.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, I have the same problem (I think) with my MacBook. All the files are put into the trashcan while I am working on it, no clue why (maybe that helps: All files should be in the trash, you can put them back).

Same setup (nothing fancy, just standard) and it seems like the files are being deleted mid-working.

I don’t simply know what to do…

I think ur issue might be related to iCloud sync issues. Search the forum on “iCloud sync issue” (there’s a few that can i see).

Are you using any sync methods? iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, Obsidian sync, etc?

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