Disable the new auto-RTL feature

Is there any way to disable the RTL auto-direction introduced in v1.6.2?

Previously i have used the “RTL Support” plugin to align all text to the right of the screen.
The new feature aligns lines in english to the left of the screen and RTL language lines to the left. Unfortunately, this seems to override the plugin and i have not found a setting that can disable the new dynamic RTL.

I have tried manually setting the text to align right with a CSS snippet, but it does not mirror things such as headers and check boxes as well as properties.

This is the snippet i tried to use
RGood.css (60 Bytes)

Is there any way to fix the text in the way RTL Support did?


I would like this as well - I mix in RTL languages with LTR, and having both together (some left, some right) makes it hard to read both (see screenshot below). Having a toggle to put it back the way it was would be helpful.

Others are requesting a similar thing in the obsidian-rtl plugin Github Repo here as well: Broken on Version v1.6.3? · Issue #83 · esm7/obsidian-rtl · GitHub

I opened a bug regarding this issue:

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