Disable table rendering in live view

Is there a way to disable table rendering in live view? I have a table and use Advance Table plugin to share it. However, I’m not satisfied with the way it looks rendered (in live view) and rather stay with the markdown view. Especially with Advance Table plugging which does a decent job of tabulating columns.

I want to render the rest of the text in the note tho and only turn off rendering for the table.

What I’m trying to do

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Not a great solution, but I just hobble the table in live preview with a backslash:




not hobbled

Color Weight Height
red 12 160
green 4 100

I have the same request.

I would like the text that I am writing to stay where I put it and not jump back and forth. I’m only using tables to neatly spread out text because I can’t use the tab key - but I don’t want it suddenly changing size and formatting when I am out of the table. I just want neat and orderly columns, which are present in the markdown.

Unfortunately hobbling the table makes it look messy and thus doesn’t achieve the goal of just trying to space the information out a bit. Example being a glossary in my notes; I just want to write the word and then x distance away the meaning.

Just wanting to keep this query/request alive as I am a similar position to Kuiriel - in more complex tables, it gets really tricky to get my bearings when the transition between markdown / rendered occurs. But I still need the basic orderliness that comes with the markdown table formatting…

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