Disable Suggestions in Searchbar

When crafting a new search query the suggestions ( the search options and stuff ) always popup with with focus on the first item. which results in clearing my query and selecting the suggestion instead. is there a way to disable the suggestions or just not moving the focus to these suggestions ?

couldn’t find any other topic related to the suggestions

I just describe a solution without using css. Use esc to close the suggestions popup at any time or click away if you don’t care to lose focus from the text box. Don’t type space after one filter to prevent suggestions to show up. When using Obsidian search URI, suggestions can sometimes show up (I’m not sure what are the exact conditions). There could be feature request to automatically prevent search suggestions to show up when Obsidian URI is used.

Here’s a similar thread,

but I don’t think there’s a Feature Request as of yet.

I think “Search options” could be changed to “Search options (press esc to close)” to mitigate the confusion when some users press enter to search and suggestions get picked up instead. The core problem is that they don’t see search results since the suggestions box is blocking the view. This behavior is extremely annoying when Obsdian search URI is used but when manually typing your search query, I think pressing esc is tolerable and users should be more aware that they can do that. After they see search results, it’s clear that pressing enter is not needed but it’s not harmful either.

@ariehen if you want, you can make feature requests of my ideas. Some users may find “press esc to close” distracting so it could have its own css class and default color could be light grey.

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