Disable search auto-opening on tag click (require ctrl held or similar)?

i’m new to obsidian and wanted to begin converting my existing ideas collection to linked md files. So i’m going through them and begin to create hashtagged words. The problem is that some of those are in the form of ‘something-part’ which often means i have to insert a whitespace if i only want to use a subpart.
It would be nice if there was a way to terminate the tag at some defined/additional character, but i couldn’t find anything about this, is there a way?

The more disturbing issue though is that when i want to insert this whitespace, i have to click the word, but as it’s now a tag it only opens the search panel and takes away the editing focus. This requires me to click somewhere else and navigate with arrowkeys inside the word to edit it.

Is there a way to disable auto-opening the search panel, maybe by requiring a modifier key to be pressed while clicking (similar to internal links)?


It looks like this is related to the ‘Live Preview’ mode. switching to edit mode makes selection work as expected atleast.

+1 - This is totally maddening. I have multiple tags next to each other and editing them a big pain point

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