Disable markdown only for specific folders

What I’m trying to do

I have text files that are logs created by a program. They include a bunch of notation that gets recognized as markdown in Obsidian, but that’s not what the notations are for.

So for example, there will be a hashtag used before a word (e.g. #word), and Obsidian therefore includes those in the tags view. But those aren’t intended to be tags, and I don’t want them to show up there.

That’s one example.
These files are all kept in a specific folder, and I do want them to be searchable within Obsidian, just not recognized as having any markdown notation.

The ideal solution would be if I could somehow designate the entire folder to be ignored for markdown.

Is there some easy way to do this?
There are too many of these files to manually alter them.

Things I have tried

I searched through the forum and wider Internet. I did come across this thread about disabling markdown, but the solution there involved CSS snippets, which I’m not sure would work for my case because it seemed that user needed to alter his entire vault, whereas I just need to disable a single folder.

What is the file extension of these files? Have you chosen it to be .md to make the files seen by Obsidian? If that’s the case, then it’s better to let them the files be .log or whatever is suitable, and change the settings of Obsidian to view all file extensions.

They are text files that I altered to .md extension so that they would be searchable within Obsidian.

If I alter the extension back to .txt, with “Detect all file extensions” enabled, I can see them in the Obsidian file explorer, but they are not searchable or viewable within Obsidian.

How can I make it so markdown is disabled on them, but they are searchable and viewable within Obsidian?

I’ve used the plaintext plugin for this ourpose, but it now seems to have been archived. So you could try either the unitade plugin, or custom file extensions and types.

Those were the alternatives I found in a quick search, but there could be other and/or better alternatives too.

If none of the the plugins enable searching you could mark the entirety of each of those notes as a code block.

Do you know of an efficient way to do that? As I mentioned, there are way too many of these files to do this manually one by one…

If it’s possible to customize the log output, adding it there would take care of future files. For existing ones:

  • If you’re moderately comfortable with shell scripting it should be possible to make a fairly simple script that does it.
  • Or you could probably use a text editor that supports search-replace across files with regular expressions to do it (or such an editor might have a way to insert items at the start and end of files and apply that in bulk).
  • There may be some way to do it with the Templater plugin.
  • You could search for plugins that enable you to add things to the start and end of files (“header”/“footer” are possible search terms).

I checked out those last two plugins, but I’m not sure I follow how to use either one to accomplish what I’m looking to do.

I don’t quite follow how Unitade applies. The custom file extensions and types talks about associating different file types with different in-app views. What other views are there? And how would I implement this to make only a specific folder’s files not markdown, but still searchable within Obsidian?

Thanks for your help on this