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Without an additional configuration file it would be great to be able to selectively decide enable on desktop, mobile both, or none for plugins, same for say Theme and other configurations that may be platform configurable


You can now select an alternative configuration folder in Setting > About, as of 0.0.16.

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A clarification please. I use Obsidian with the Obsidian Sync on a Mac, iPad Pro and iPad Mini. Does your reply mean that if I use the same configuration folder (different from the Mac) on both iPads, I will only have to make modifications to Settings on one iPad to have it identical on the other. (Please, Please say YES)

If you’re using Obsidian Sync, then the configurations aren’t synced yet (it’s a feature we’re still working on).

The original request asks for separate configuration of enabling plugins on desktop vs mobile, which is fairly different from your request.

Ok, let me phrase it this way-

  1. I’d like to have Hotkeys exactly alike across devices because there are so many, when you consider that Core and Community Plugins offer them,
  2. Plugins nice, but not necessary, because they are much fewer potentially than Hotkeys,
  3. Themes least after 1 and 2, and
  4. Workspaces…I haven’t made up my mind where they go.

Thanks for listening.

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