Disable dot on two spaces in math blocks

Use case or problem

Inserting two consecutive spaces automatically inserts a period . Is there a way to disable this behavior?

I realize there are macOS settings interfering here (see for instance In code blocks, fast insertion of spaces for indentation inserts a dot - #3 by laikoni). But I don’t want to disable the “period on two spaces” that macOS inserts on all text editors, just on Obsidian. And in particular, within math blocks.

I made a short recording to display the issue. Note how the first time I double-space the . is not inserted, but it is inserted the second time. So it happens sometimes (can’t tell precisely what conditions trigger this deterministically).

Screen Recording 2023-09-03 at 11.57.46

Proposed solution

Add a settings to disable the automatic insertion of period after two consecutive spaces in special blocks such as math, or code blocks.

I believe automatic insertion of periods should still happen in normal text.

Please, open a a feature request for this.

I have rephrased as a feature request.

Is there a way to simply disable it? It is a bizarre behavior that happens even when spell check is turned OFF. I don’t encounter this behavior in MSWord or any other text editing software so why is it here and can not be turned off?
I am always entering info that I do not want a period after. It is inconsistent as well. If I type "speel it right. " the period only happens after right but not after speel. Why is that? Get rid of it!

Up. Please add this feature