Disable Command+Arrow hotkey in Canvas (super annoying😫)

Use case or problem

When I type a longer card in the canvas, I have a habit to use command+left or command+right to jump at the start/end of the text line that I’m editing. However, in Canvas, this instead just creates a new card, which is ridiculously annoying when trying to edit the text.

Proposed solution

Add an ability to disable this hotkey in the Hotkeys settings.

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Does this happen in the sandbox vault?

So I disabled all community plugins I had installed, restarted Obsidian. It appears this annoying hotkey is gone.

Then I reenabled all of them one by one. I’ve now reenabled all the same plugins I had earlier it appears this hotkey is not coming back for some reason.

Anyway, I rechecked every community plugin installed, I found “Canvas Mindmap” is installed which mentions this as a feature: “* Press Cmd / Ctrl + ←/→/↓/↑ to create floating cards;”

so most likely this was coming from this plugin which I’ll just uninstall.

Thanks for giving a clue.

As a tip for later on, in the newer versions of Obsidian, you can filter out hotkeys in Settings > Hotkeys on the actual hotkey, which should have shown you what your particular hotkey was linked to, and in more particular which plugin/module it came from.


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