Disable automatic replacement of " with « or »

Hello everyone

a few weeks ago, I activated an option to automatically replace this quotation mark " with those « or ».
this is problematic when using dataviewer because « or » automatically introduces an error.
but i don’t know where to deactivate this option.
Any ideas?

Something from your OS maybe? Does it happen in other apps?

If it’s only happening in Obsidian, in that vault, you’ll need to run through the troubleshooting steps to find the cause.

tnx for your answer

no, it happends only in Obsidian.md. Didn’t find anything in my activated plugins:

  • advanced Tables
  • dataview
  • Pandoc
  • Scroll to top
  • Text format
  • Waypoint

Does it happen in the Sandbox vault?

thanx a lot !
i tried woth the sand box and suddenly understood.
So in fine, it’s a macOS feature. It doesn’t affect MS Word, for example, but it occurs in Obsidian.md


I had a feeling it was an OS or keyboard input change.