Directly drag notes from File Explorer into new pane

Use case or problem

I’d like to be able to open notes into new panes more quickly.

Proposed solution

It’d be really nice if we could drag and drop notes straight from the File Explorer into an additional pane. I know the default behavior is to make a link but I see there’s a “no dropping allowed” zone that could be used for a similar interaction akin to “Drag to rearrange”:

Additionally, it’d be nice if I could just drop a note from the File Explorer onto the body of a note if that note is in Preview Mode, since it’s impossible to drop a note there to insert a link anyway.

Current workaround (optional)

Currently I Ctrl + P to split a tab, then drag the file from my file explorer into the very small drop zone above the title of a note.

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I was about to post a new feature request for this exact thing, but using different phrasing. So hopefully my phrasing here will help organize interest in the specific feature as more people search for it.

While you can drag and drop an open tab to create a new split pane, you cannot drag and drop a note from the File Explorer towards the right side of the window to induce a split pane.

Drag and drop from File Explorer only triggers pasting a link to the note into the open note, but this single-use drop zone could feature splitting as well. Dropping near the text entry portion of the note should take priority, e.g. inserting a link to the file, but dropping in a region close to the boundary of the note pane should trigger the split ghost, and allow splitting.