Digital Garden plugin: open folder as vault not showing lateral menu

Hello everybody:

This is my doubt/problem that I share on the forum:

When I create a vault in Obsidian with the Digital Garden plugin everything works excellently. But when I create a vault by opening a folder (which is the other option: “Open folder as vault”) the plugin gives me problems. In particular, this is what happens:

  • The pages are published, as I can see them one by one if I go to the deployment link (I use Netlify, but it’s the same with Vercel).

  • But none of them show the side menu with the folders and notes of the published ones. Not even in the note published as “home”.

This is a screenshot of my Home note and, as you can see, the side menu is missing.

Any ideas?


Did you mean to say ‘publish’ a vault, right?

I don’t understand this. That’s not how you use the plugin. These things are unrelated.

As for why the sidebars are missing…
Is there a vault which you published online where the sidebars were not missing?

Sidebars can be “missing” if the monitor resolution is below 1400 pixels wide. Try setting the zoom level to 90 percent on your browser.

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Yes, I meant to say “published”.

It’s weird. I had used this plugin before and everything worked fine the first time. But on those occasions I was using it with a “created” vault, and not from the opening of a folder. That’s why I thought about the possibility that the problem might come from here.

And no, it wasn’t a problem of resolution (I used the same equipment when it worked, and when it didn’t).

As the sidebar was missing, I considered the possibility that it was due to a directory path issue (that’s why I had created a vault by opening a folder). But no, it’s been fixed. Although I don’t know how. After installing and uninstalling it a bunch of times, everything works fine now.

I’d really like to know where the problem came from.

As I said, the Obsidian handling of your vault (how and where you click what to open what) has no bearing on the DG template’s output.

To my knowledge the template (not the DG plugin itself, but the template) converts your links and takes your relative path (it cannot use an absolute path on remote).

So if you have folders with possibly illegal characters (in your path) that are not problematic on MacOS (I don’t own a Mac; could it be an iCloud path with ~ character in the path but that will not be used anyway as I said) it doesn’t mean it cannot somehow generate issues on the remote content, but I fail to see how and how that would only affect only your sidebars.
Check your folder names for any illegal characters and see if that fixes your problem.

When in doubt or before wanting to file an issue, one can search the closed/open issues on the relevant GH pages as others might have faced a similar problem and may have found a fix.
DG GH URLs (if we are talking about the same Digital Garden plugin at all):

The template:

Thank you for the input.

Of course I did an extensive previous research (in this forum and through the Internet).

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