Diffrence Between Themes and Snippets

Hi there! I am using Obsidian for about 3 months now and a question emerged in my head. I was fiddling with my custom CSS snippet and it started to get big. I mean, it is not too detailed at the moment but it is not just few tweaks anymore. I was wondering the difference between CSS snippets and themes. Is there a hard limit? At what point my snippet is good enough to be a Theme?

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I think, ideally a theme would target all of obsidian’s appearance classes in a consistent and structured way. Besides that, it depends a bit on where your question points to - are you thinking about publishing your tweaks via obsidian’s theme store? There is a nice collection of tips and resources for theme authors here.

Actually, I want to share my theme with the store but it is definitely not ready at the moment and most probably, it wont be… It is not consistent at all! Thank you for the link tho! Appreciated.

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