Different themes for open notes

Use case or problem

sometimes I’m working with 2 notes, side by side, reading from the left pane and creating notes on the right pane. It’s easier for me to read in specific themes (ie typomagical) and write in others (ie minimal), and it could be awesome to be able to put the reading note on one theme and the writing note on the other.

Proposed solution

I would love to be able to choose different themes for two (or more) open notes. Or more easily phrasing, choosing a theme on a per-note basis (at least having the option, while the default would still be for the entire vault)

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Have you looked at plugins? I’m not sure if there’s one that does exactly this, but I know there’s one that lets you set styles by path. There’s also one that makes the currently active note more obvious; I don’t know if it lets you set styles.

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