DIfferent size of elements - fullscreen / normal

Window in normal size

Window in fullscreen size

Look on difference in calendar, in fullscreen mode there are huge gaps between elements. Why this is happening? Im using default theme.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Add elements under each other
  2. Maximalize and add screen to normal

Did you follow the troubleshooting guide? Y

Expected result

Elements will autofit, dont get cropped,

Actual result

See images


  • MAC OS Sonoma
  • Obsidian 1.4.14 (clean vault with plugins disabled and default theme)

Moved to help for not following the bug report template.

You see, this is example why I hate and love obsidian. Unlimited functionality but basic things are not working as expected. If you are really willing to make obsidian better, you will replicate my problem in clean vault, and you will get the same deformation of the dimensions of the elements. Probably you even know why this is happening.

No, I don’t know and and I haven’t looked into it.
A sizable fraction of BR solve themself once the user follows the troubleshooting guide.
The bug report template helps us reproduce the problem and provide context in which platform it happens. That’s why we ask these info.

I added bug report template items. Please look into it.

I’m trying to replicate, but how do you get a calendar with plugins disabled and a clean vault?

There are old picures. I haven’t make new screenshots from new vault. You can keep file manger and bookmarks for example. The size of elements is changing, in fullscreen mode and normal mode.

It looks like they are spaced by percentage, and not by pixels. Might be a preference thing - I can imagine a case where if you have bookmarks and file manager at 50% each, you’d also want to keep that 50% split when going to fullscreen, rather than having one suddenly much bigger than the other.

I dont know, but from UI perspective it is very ugly. I tried different apps and the sections will adopt the size in fullscreen mode without having those huge gaps.

It depends on your perspective. This doesn’t look ugly to me and doesn’t have any huge gaps. It has the 2 sections I’m using (Files and Bookmarks) with the same 50/50 split as when my window is small:

With the calendar, you’re talking about something fixed height rather than variable height like the Files or Bookmarks are.

Obsidian has effectively unlimited customisation. I have a CustomJS script for when I go fullscreen, and it:

  • Removes all the sidebars and menubars so only the page content is visible
  • Changes the font face and size to my preferred focused writing style
  • Changes the theme to light/dark based on the time of day
  • Enables the Scroll Offset plugin to keep my writing area near the center of the screen

Maybe there’s something similar you could do for going fullscreen, or perhaps set up two Workspaces with one configured just for fullscreen.

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I can’t reproduce.
Can you kindly post a screen recording of this happening in the sandbox vault?

Also, what is your screen resolution and what is the screen zoom level.

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