Different pane layout on mobile and desktop?


[ ] iOS
[x] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.3

Hi folks, long time desktop user, new mobile user.

Is it possible to have a different layout of panes on mobile and desktop?

On the desktop, I have a layout with 3 panes plus the left and right sidebars visible which allows me to both navigate and view a bunch of different notes at once and some context of my vault.

On mobile, with the tiny screen real estate available, this doesn’t work so well. I’d much rather have a layout with a single note visible and no sidebars.

I’m unsure if I can do this, as when I installed the mobile app and opened my vault, it inherited the layout I’ve been using on my desktop. I’m weary to change the layout on mobile as it implies I’ll change the layout on the desktop?

If not currently possible, I’d really appreciate a feature to be able to have different layouts between mobile and desktop.



You can use Workspaces to save/load the current setup, so you can experiment without messing up your desktop view.

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You seem to be syncing the workspace config file. Exclude that or choose another config folder for your mobile device (or use obsidian sync), then the workspace config won’t sync.

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Hi. Similar, but opposite situation. I’m using Obsidian Sync. My saved workspaces are not syncing. It that a feature not available when using Obsidian Sync? Thanks!

TIL on the Workspaces plugin. That works nicely. Thanks a lot for the tip!

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