Different functionality of simple and numbered lists

It stopped to render the space between list items in simple lists. This function still can be used with numbered lists. But I don’t want to use numbered lists everywhere.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Look at the picture with source.

  2. Look at the picture with render.

  3. Say ‘The right looks better, while the left is broken’.

Expected result

  • Both types of list are rendered in the same way:
    • Where is needed it use spacing.
    • Where is not needed it is monolithic.

Actual result

  • There are space between items of numbered list, but no space between items of bulleted list, which makes it hard to read long paragraphs.
  • (Bulleted list is broken, numbered list still keeps the relic of lost functionality.)


  • Operating system: Windows 10.
  • Debug info: All custom css, all themes and all community plugins were turned off. The Obsidian was relaunched.

Additional information

Possibly a recent change (if I understand correctly):

Oh, ok. That’s very sad.

I hope they won’t do the same with a numbered list. Or at least they can add an option to Editor or Appearance menus.

Thank you for the info!

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I agree. I like and use loose lists.

Yes, we will do the same with numbered lists for consistency. This is a css rule, if you don’t like it, you can use a custom css.

will be fixed v1.2.4

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