Different file explorer view from IOS to Desktop

Apologies if this is a stupid question from a newbie. When I access Obsidian on my desktop (Mac Monterrey) I see a top level that says

Documents. Then I see the name I gave to my vault, in my case enrvuk.

When I access Obsidian on my iPad I just see the name of the current vault at the top (I am only planning a single vault) and no mention of Documents.

When I create new notes on the desktop without selecting a folder it creates it outside the vault. On the iPad it creates it in the vault, in the root.

Is that a behaviour I can change? My searches and quick skimming failed to find an answer. Sorry and thanks!

This one is easy. When you set up the vault on your Mac, you initialized it one level too high in the folder hierarchy.

So, on your Mac, open Obsidian, open the Vault Picker, and select “Open folder as vault.” Then, go into the enrvuk vault and select Open in the file picker.

After, you may want to go back into the vault picker and “x” out of the Documents vault, just so you don’t accidentally open it again.

Last, you have actually been keeping two different vault configurations: one for the Documents vault and one for the enrvuk vault. Make sure the plugins and settings you want are set up correctly in enrvuk.

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Thanks Ryan! I suspected it would be easy, but I still didn’t quite crack it.

All solved now.

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