Different colored highlights

Might actually not be a feature request so much for Obsidian (as it only needs to display it) but more for MarkDownload in the end. :thinking:

[Edit] https://github.com/deathau/markdown-clipper/issues/18

Related: Is there a name for the Markdown flavor that Obsidian is using?

In particular I’m looking for a way to export content from Obsidian to web and preserving highlights.

Is there a parser that knows how to handle ==highlighted text== or do I have to run everything through a script every time I want to export something to convert to <mark>highlighted text</mark>?

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For my use, it’s an Obsidian issue. I don’t highlight downloads.

I guess if you can make sure that all of your markdown tools and apps using a consistent highlighting syntax, then you should be fine.

I’m not sure about fine, it’s one of the irritations in markdown that need managing.

Multi-colour solutions, if they come, will either be incompatible or use html.

I suppose it could be a little script: selecting, then choosing colour. But it would need a visual interface for choosing or different shortcuts for each colour.


I’m a new Obsidian user and not a geek.

I read that @tallguyjenks is using different highlight colors to do this:

I have worked about that way for over 20 years, using those colors (I mean, even on printed books and notes):

  • Yellow for factual information
  • Blue color for Actionanle content
  • Green when it is important to me.
  • Red when I disagree with the author

How can I do this easily annd rapidly, without having to type the html code each time?
@tallguyjenks , what’s your best way?


those highlight colors are how i highlight PDF’s in my zotero workflow, not highlights in Obsidian, i barely use highlighting in Obsidian actually


I get it. Thanks.
I understand it must be a bad idea to use highlight colors in Obsedian then.

I guess I must still be confused about what should be the process. I posted another message that might help understand where I’m coming from and why that confusion.

I don’t think it’s necessarily unfeasible or a bad idea to use color highlighting in obsidian.

I imagine a solution being: the ability to assign a shortcut to encapsulate text within specific html tags, as @Dor has suggested.

I think it’s a reasonable and necessary feature.


I think this plugin is the answer we are looking for:




Agreed. Great plugin.
I’d add that it is easily extended manually to allow more complex colour highlighting such as wavy underlines or overlines or strikethrough etc. I added a FR and some comments on the Github site.

I use these techniques for editing, so being able to add them and then remove them in a stroke is especially useful.

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Total newbie … love (want, and need) the Plugin functionality; how do I install a Plugin that doesn’t show in the Community Plugins page?

Wait. This probably will get me there:

Remember to install the BRAT plugin first. Makes everything easier.

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@Dor Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: . I’m just dog-paddling blindly. I have installed BRAT. It shows in my … ribbon?

blah blah … manifest.json???

Success! Hue-Woo! Colors! My note-taking — and the utility of Obsidian — just got exponentially richer. Thank you!

Highlightr-Plugin is superb! Thank you for linking to it.

I found the default colors overly saturated, and while numerically balanced appeared visually more in-and-out than I like. I have customized mine to be easier on my eyes and visually in the page with










Color perception curves vary by individual, so YMMV — I hope that provides a better place to start than the defaults for anyone who wants quieter highlighting. Done on a hardware calibrated monitor. I use the equally superb Minimal Theme, in Light Mode, with Light Mode Style set to “Low contrast”.

I also recommend following the directions given by the author on the page linked by @lavaldi and assigning custom keychords to apply regularly used highlights.


Just a warning that the current version of Highlightr plugin (1.2.1) doesn’t work with Obsidian v.15.6.


I know that some themes (in my case sanctum) allow for different colour highlighting. For example
==This is normal==
==*This is blue*==
==**This is pink**==
It would be nice if obsidian did a similar thing in the default theme.

Upon further use I believe this feature only works in Live Preview