Differences between MathJax and LaTex?

As far as I know, MathJax and LaTex are slightly different markup languages. However, both in plugins and in forum questions these names appear together. And I’m not quite sure which is which anymore.

You use MathJax to display mathematical stuff online or in Chromium-based apps like Obsidian (MathJax is a JavaScript library that exposes a smaller subset of Latex syntax/notation)

Latex is the complete kit that lets you create full-blown math articles/books and custom math styling & layouts on your computer (Latex is the complete language and requires installing a Latex distribution on your computer, and various software to create math articles/books)

So basically you can use a small part of the Latex language in web browsers via Mathjax, whereas the full Latex language can only be used on your computer via dedicated software/tools.

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