Difference between spaces, tabs, and list elements?

What’s the difference between using indentation with tabs, spaces, and list elements?

I mean, obviously, the underlying Markdown is different. In terms of Obsidian, is there any difference?

  • Similar - All three enable “folding”
  • Different - Tabs and list elements show vertical lines (not sure what purpose these serve - maybe to show what will be “folded”? (If that’s the case, why aren’t these lines shown on the foldable “spaces” indentation?))
  • Different - Tabs and list elements can have their indentation modified (decrease with Cmd [ and increase with Cmd ])
  • What other differences are there?
  • Is there markup that only works in, say, list element mode?
  • Is there other Obsidian-specific functionality that I’m missing out on by using, say, “space indentation” as opposed to list elements?


Btw, the one huge difference that I’ve found is that using list elements is far superior to spaced/tabbed indentation for distinguishing between new lines and lines that are simply soft wrapping.

(New lines have a bullet, while soft-wrapped lines do not. This distinction isn’t present when using spaced or tabbed indentation)

Another difference: if you use empty/blank lines, the tabbed approach makes the line after the blank line be interpreted as a code block


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