Difference between Obsidian and Dynalist

I am a new user of both the applications Obsidian and Dynalist - both of them I like a lot. I know one is for notes with markdown features and the other primarily an outliner. But what I am struggling is really to find out what all features Obsidian offers that is not available in Dynalist. Except for multiple preview panes that you can set in Obsidian, I think all the other features are available in Dynalist - features like tags, hyperlinks, folder structure and having documents inside that structure, markdown features, image linking, etc etc.

Maybe I am new in Obsidian and hence missing out some of the great features that might be “hidden” to me. Will really appreciate if someone can guide me on this.

This post might be helpful to you:

Also found this list of Obsidian Resources when reading on the forum. It contains very nice tutorials and tools on what you can do with Obsidian. From there, you may also find out the differences between Dynalist and Obsidian.

Things that are not available in Dynalist:

  • Local access to files – this is important to a lot of people and is a core vision of Obsidian;
  • Embed Markdown files/headings/audio/video/iframe etc;
  • Page preview;
  • Command palette.

Not an exhaustive list, just some things off the top of my head.

There are some Dynalist Pro features that are available in Obsidian as a free feature too, not sure if they count too:

  • Custom hotkeys;
  • Custom CSS.
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Thanks for the guidances - really appreciate this

After some practice with Obsidian and trying to customizing it for my needs with out a lot of success, today I tried Dynalist and found out its very good at a lot of things Obsidian lacks. The biggest problem for me is that it doesn’t store files locally.

From what I’ve read from developers here, looks like that a non-hierarchical / Zettlekasten like approach is what they want to do with Obsidian, but an improved version of Dynalist could be possible.

I want markdown+local access+hierarchy and don’t know how to get it

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i want the same inside obsidian!

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