Diff / Text Compare Tool

I couldn’t find any other post with this idea so I’m sharing it here. Sometimes I import a bunch of notes and notice I have some similar ones and want to do a simple visual diff comparison of the two text files. I do this externally using various text tools but a neat plugin to do the trick would be handy.


I would love something like this. Very cool!

It might also be helpful if it could have a “search vault” functionality where any note that has a certain number of sequential matching characters would be returned. Maybe it could also have a leniency that allows a certain number of unmatched characters to be ignored in the determination.

I hope this idea isn’t too unrelated from your request, but what you are talking about is a problem I regularly deal with and for some reason when reading your request it triggered this idea for the first time.

I find myself searching by copying an important couple words or a sentence, and find the process to be very tedious. A plugin that automated this type of process would be awesome.

Great idea!


I’d love this for a different application. For those of us who wrote professionally (e.g. I’m an academic) and use a ZK method to assemble papers, self-plagiarism is a big risk. An app like this would go along way to helping: just store published versions I your vault and it’ll flag when you accidentally used the exact same note in two potential publications.

Would find this very useful. I currently have another application solely for this purpose on the rare occasion that I need it– Because on those rare occasions it is a life-saving feature.

I also think this would be great to have. I get conflicts sometimes when using my vault on different devices and it would be nice to see the differences and accept/merge the changes I want.

Take a look at this plugin