Did MOCs help open everything up for you in Obsidian?

I still had some questions about how I was going to use Obsidian. I knew vaults were not the answer for me, having read a post on here regarding that not being the way the brain works and also being conscious of ‘siloing’ information and losing the power of connectivity.

But it wasn’t until I really engaged with and started to fully understand - not there yet - MOCs and their usefulness that I realised how powerful obsidian is as a tool, and how it can help me.

For example, if I use a piece of hardware that has a method of being set up that is slightly pedantic, I can create a note on it so that if I have to revisit it in 5 years to setup again, there it is. But it’s only through the MOC - in this case TECHNOLOGY INSTRUCTIONS MOC - that I have built a connection in my brain and know that this is what Obsidian is, in part, used for.

And of course, I have a MOC of MOCS which can help. And I also make all MOCS capitalised in their note heading to make them easy to discern at a glance. Powerful stuff!


I’ve only started properly using them lately but I can see them ‘opening things up’ already, even just the act of putting them together is exposing me to notes I hadn’t visited in a while that I can now try to integrate/connect with my more recent knowledge :slight_smile:

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Awesome, have a look at this if you haven’t already: