Did Live Preview stop working with 0.13.9?

I have been super happy with the Reading view (Live Preview) the last days. Today it is no longer working. I think it is after the auto update to 0.13.9. :confused:

Anyone else experiencing the same?

It was deactivated, so it is no longer the default. But you can activate it again in Settings → Editor → Use legacy editor.

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Thanks. I tried. Still not working.

  • Default new pane view: Reading view
  • Default editing view: Live Preview
  • Use legacy editor: DISABLED

What am I missing?


Now it works, after changing some of these 3 settings back and forth, while opening and closing Obsidian a couple of times after each change. Strange. But now it works. :slight_smile:

I had the same problem. Saving the current workspace seemed to resolve it for me.

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