DIctionary sync tool

It’s been more than a decade since I last did any JS programming so I wrote a simple python tool instead: `Custom Dictionary.txt` sync tool - #4 by cabin.mooring

But it would be lovely if this functionality was “native” to obsidian so you didn’t need to bother with an external tool… especially since Electron/Obsidian does not observe external changes made to the custom dictionary

The plugin would be very light weight and would do only one thing

  • Merge $vaultRoot/someListOfWords.txt and wherever the Electron Custom Dictionary.txt file lives on the current host; it’s different on windows/mac and Linux

(file paths are examples, ideally would be user configurable)

This way, the someListOfWords.txt can be kept in sync between all computers that share a vault while stil leveraging the built in spell check function which relies on a text file that is not kept in the vault folder and has a unique location per computer.


I have been wondering why this isn’t a native thing. It’s weird that my dictionary terms for my vault are not syncing between my computers. It’s stored outside the vault: %AppData%\obsidian\Custom Dictionary.txt