Dice Roller

I’m planning on using Obsidian to run my Dungeons and Dragons campaign. I think being able to link documents together with autocomplete and backlinks is so powerful for this use-case.

I’d love to have a simple plugin that let me type out dice expressions like 1d20 + 2 or 2d6 + 1d4 and then execute them by command-clicking. I’m not sure where the best place to show the result would be - maybe the status bar at the bottom, or in a pane on the right?

If there was a user-facing plugin API I would probably just write this myself. :wink:


I’m not sure that’s in the spirit of the application.

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Hence calling it a plugin - part of the appeal of the application is that it’s not very opinionated as to how you use it. This one is definitely niche enough that I don’t expect the devs to implement it, but once plugin development opens up to everyone this seems like a great candidate for a community plugin


Should be not a problem to implement when Plugin API will be available. But how it will work depends on how Plugin API will look like.


This is a great plugin idea! I’m going to use obsidian myself to organize my D&D stuff! Nice to see other RPG geeks as well!

As mvrfyi said, it is definitely not a core feature so implementing it as a plugin is the right way to go!


Look up Dice roller plugin by @valentine.195
It’s great!