Dice Roller - Random Note Roll

I’ve looked through the Dice Roller readme and wasn’t able to find a way to link to a random note that pulls from my entire vault, regardless of folders. The closest I can find is tags, for example:

dice: #example|link

but of course, this doesn’t give me a randomized note of my entire archive, just of the tag. Trying to query to the root folder didnt go well either, and rightfully displayed an error.

dice: /|link

Any possible solutions to this or suggestions? Thanks!

Even the “Section Rollers” randomization says

This feature is still under development and may not work as expected.

So maybe random notes isn’t working yet too.

But as a sort-of workaround, the Smart Random Note plugin has a command “Insert Link at Cursor to Random Note From Search”. It’s not dynamic, like Dice Roller. And unfortunately, you have to have a search entered in your search pane before it works. You can enter file:/.md though, to search all.

(As far as I’ve tested. I’m not sure if that is the best query for all notes or not!)


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