Dice-roller freezes obsidian

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to update the dice-roller plugin to the latest version (9.3.1). I’m running 8.16.0.

When I load Obsidian after the update and my note has a tag roll in it (dice: #daily|link) then Obsidian freezes.

Things I have tried

I have looked for an online solution, but haven’t found anybody reporting this.

I updated dice-roller on other Obsidian vaults and don’t see the same problem. This makes me think that the problem is specific to my vault.

I have updated all my other plugins, the only one I have to leave not updated is dice-roller.

I checked both on mobile and desktop and the problem persists on both platforms.

I launched console on desktop and there are no error messages, likely because Obsidian freezes immediately.

What can I do to further investigate this? What could possibly be causing this?

Write to the developer at his or her GitHub page. (Look for Issues.)

Yes, please post an issue at the Dice Roller Github.

Include any errors from the developer console, and include the information you have here along with your operating system. A gif or video of what is happening would be very helpful as well.

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