Dialogue Plugin


I recently released my first Obsidian plugin that adds the ability to create dialogues in Markdown.

The plugin is currently in the review process and hopefully will soon be available directly in the community plugins list.

Documentation and usage examples are available at the GitHub repository.


I have an Obsidian vault that is dedicated for backing up my old WhatsApp conversation. This plugin could really help when I checking through those old conversations. :slight_smile: Look forward for the release.


How did you set that up? Backing up WhatsApp Conversations to Obsidian?

I just do it in a dumb way: go to every conversation I want to backup on WhatsApp, and export them (with “Attach media” option) one by one as zip files.

  • Then I unzip them into Obsidian vault as stand alone folders with attachments
  • change the “_chat.txt” to .md file
  • open the conversations in Obsidian, search&replace the attachment command line from "<attached:>" to "![[]]"

That’s it. I believe there would be a more smart way doing it but since this workflow suits my need on making some whatsapp archive so I just stick to it for now.

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I’m not sure what you mean by blueprints and what could be the problem from your description. Have you enabled the plugin after installation?

Here is an example vault with the dialogue plugin usage:
DialoguePlugin.zip (20.6 KB)

The plugin is now available to install directly in the community plugins list!


Hey holubj!

Thanks for your GREAT idea - immediately installed.

As a psychotherapist I think that this enhances the possibility for inner dialogues with different inner voices. Is there any way with your plugin to make more “voices” possible?

Up to this point i see that one can assign a voice to left: and right:… is there a possibility to enhance the number of possible voices in a dialogue?

Thanks again!!


By the way … the following link and topic fits perfectly with the plugin. It scratches the surface but is a good starting point for digging further into the topic of “the inner team” and the “different voices” in our heads:

Hi manumanu81, thank you for your message! It’s nice to see various uses of this plugin :slight_smile:

You can change the dialogue participants on both sides during the dialogue, meaning you can add as many voices as you need, but there will always be only two active voices (the last one set on the left side and the last one set on the right side).

There is an example in the documentation where the participant on the left side is switched to another one during a dialogue: GitHub - holubj/obsidian-dialogue-plugin: Dialogue plugin for Obsidian.md

Hi holubj!

Thanks for your insight - that helped me to understand how to implement different voices. Using it a lot :+1:

By the way, there is a great plugin that complements yours very well for writing short fiction: Obsidian Shuffle

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Thanks for the great plugin.

One suggestion.

Within a page, I have several dialogues with the same participants.
Sometimes, I have to separate the dialogues into several parts which means that there are several dialogue codeblocks.

left: A
right: B
< Alah
> Blah
Some markdown paragraphs
left: A
right: B
> Blahah
< Alahah

With these dialogues,
A’s dialogues are on the left, and B’s dialogues are on the right.
But the colors of A & B are in reverse.

I think that if would be great if I can match the colors of A & B regardless of the orders of the participants.

Hi obsidian337, thank you for the suggestion!

I can see the problem and I think I can add new data attributes data-participant-left-id and data-participant-right-id that will work similarly as the data-participant-id attribute (these new attributes will only count participants on the corresponding side).
Would that solve your problem?


Thank you for your reply.

That could be a good solution.
It would be great if I can define individual id with number which define the color.
for example, for the participant ‘John’

L-3: John
< I'm on the left side.
R-3: John
> I'm on the right side.

L/R defines the location & ‘3’ defines the color regardless of the order of participants.
So, I don’t need to count the participants.
Under this scheme, participant ‘John’ can be on the both side with a same color in the same dialouge, and in another dialogue, also.

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This is a great idea and definitely a better solution, I will try to include this in the next version!

Slightly off topic, but what theme did you use for the screenshot above?

How can I display “Reply” in a dialog box?

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is it possible to take into account the markdown syntax inside the plugin?


This would be really good!


Do you know how to export Facebook conversations into Obsidian formatted with your plugin @holubj ?


I have created a Python script which do that: Facebook comments extractor for Obsidian Dialogue Plugin